eHealth, the use of information management and communication technologies in health services, is an area of development that offers tools and strategies to improve effectiveness of health services for First Nations communities.

Current eHealth initiatives include Telehealth, CHIP, Netcare, and Wolf EMR. Telehealth is the use of communication technologies such as videoconferencing to deliver health and educational services from a distance. This will allow health care professionals to deliver some services remotely using technology. Devices such as exam cameras, stethoscopes, portable ultrasound machines and ophthalmoscopes can be attached to videoconferencing units to enhance clinical sessions.

Connectivity refers to the degree a community is connected to the internet. Broadband connectivity provides improved access to internet services and the degree a community or organization is connected through this technology. Primarily internet-based communications requires technological infrastructure that is limited in some rural and remote communities.

Lack of sufficient infrastructure is a problem faced by many First Nations in Alberta. EMRs are important because at the point of care, the attending physician or nurse has access to prior and current medical history. Using electronic records helps alert medical professionals if there are certain predispositions, conditions and contraindications in medications. EMR/EHRs provide improved information and better access to records that will assist health professionals to improve health outcomes. The CHIP Implementation Project  allows organizations to more effectively share and manage immunization information and support clients' circle of care.

Privacy of Information: Health Records

NHBS Health Centre's Health Records department oversees the collection, storage, retention and access to your hospital health record.

At NHBS, we take Alberta’s privacy legislation, the Personal Health Information Protection Act, very seriously, and are committed to protecting all personal information for our patients. Our facilities are secure, and only authorized individuals have access to personal and health records.

Our privacy officer works with all departments to ensure that privacy procedures are in place and followed throughout the health centre, facilitating secure information sharing and communication.

The Health Records department respects and maintains the confidentiality and accuracy of your personal health information.  To request access to your personal health information you must complete the Authorization for the Release of Personal Health Information. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the nurse in charge (privacy officer) at: (780).697.3650

Information Technology - Sub-contractor (TSAG)

eHealth Solutions

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