The Mental Wellness team provides professional consultative expertise, and works in partnership with provincial partners, in the area of mental health programming in Alberta First Nation communities, including in the specific areas of Addictions and Indian Residential Schools Mental Health and Addictions as well as:

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS)
As a program, NAYSPS targets resources that support a range of community-based solutions and activities that contribute to improved mental health and wellness among Aboriginal youth between the ages of 10 and 30 years, their families and communities.

National Native Alcohol and Drug Addiction Program (NNADAP)
Substance Use Prevention and Treatment programming provide a range of community-based prevention and treatment services and supports.

Community-based programming includes prevention, health promotion, early identification and intervention, referral, aftercare and follow-up services. These services are integrated with a network of addiction treatment centres which provide culturally-relevant inpatient, outpatient and day or evening programs for alcohol, solvents and other drug addictions.